CFD Ticks Levels

Simple but very effective script that finds areas of support and resistance through ticks exchange. Only works with CFDs (You must enter in the settings the value corresponding to the CFD, example: US500=500, DAX30=30, FRANCE40=40 etc…).

SuperTrend ++ in action on Dow Jones Index.

Screenshot taken from the Settings menu of CFD Ticks Levels.

Here is the complete list of features present in this indicator :

  • CFD Number

All options have their original default settings. You need to be able to readjust them depending on the market instrument you want to analyze.

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Or copy / paste the source code into your pine editor :

// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at
// © RickSimpson

study("CFD Ticks Levels", 'CTL', overlay=true, max_bars_back=300)


ticksize = input(defval=0, title="CFD Number", type=input.integer, minval=0)

//Round Function

round_to_nearest(v, x) => 
    round(v / x) * x

//Constant Mintick Variable

mintick = max(syminfo.mintick, ticksize)


hht = round_to_nearest(high, ticksize)
llt = round_to_nearest(low,  ticksize)


upper = hht + mintick
lower = llt - mintick


plot(upper, title="Upper",,  style=plot.style_linebr, linewidth=3, transp=20, trackprice=true, offset=-9999)
plot(lower, title="Lower",, style=plot.style_linebr, linewidth=3, transp=20, trackprice=true, offset=-9999)

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